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Why Use Quick FPA

Quick FPA resolves some of the major issues in the area of software estimation. It enables software development teams to produce detailed project estimates with a complete breakdown of the implementation and testing effort to justify the cost of the project. Estimates produced with Quick FPA are more accurate, detailed and consistent with the implementation methodologies followed by the development teams.

Software estimates cannot be generalized due to the number of variables they depend on. Using historical data from multiple projects executed by different organizations to create estimates is not the most effective way of estimation. While various probability based models can produce estimates based on historical data, it still does not justify the cost to the stakeholders and they are expected to believe the calculations based on past projects. Software industry is fast paced in every aspect. Development methodologies, software engineering models and technologies feel like they are ever changing. Relying on historical data to predict the effort does not seem like the most viable approach in such an environment.

Quick FPA does not rely on historical data or probability based models for creating software estimates. It uses a combination of function points and use case analysis approach to derive the scope of the project. It deviates from the traditional definition and thinking of these terms but still maintains the same lingo to make it easier for the users who are already familiar with these concepts.

Quick FPA empowers the development teams to define their own implementation standards and effort benchmarks. These definitions reflect the teams’ ability and development methodologies. The flexibility to define the implementation standards makes Quick FPA uniquely different from any other estimation tool as different teams do not have to worry about their estimates being similar. This flexibility and control can help the companies stand out in the competition by setting up their estimation standards based on their methodologies.

The simplicity and ease of use offered by Quick FPA does not limit it to users that are technical. This tool can be utilized by semi technical and non technical users with a little guidance and understanding of use cases.

Quick FPA is designed to increase the sales productivity of software development companies. Bidding on more projects will ensure higher sales revenues. The factors that usually affect the ability to bid on larger number of projects are limited skilled resources and the cost investment to justify the revenue. With Quick FPA it is possible to produce a large number of project estimates without depending on highly skilled resources to do so.

Delivering high quality software within budget is a challenging task. Detailed software requirements accompanied with a solid test plan can help achieve that. Quick FPA estimates factor in both the implementation and testing efforts by taking into consideration every test case that would need to be executed to meet the quality standards. The estimates capture very detailed requirements with complete documentation required by the development teams.

Using Quick FPA will have an overall positive effect on both sales and production capabilities of any company involved in to software development.

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