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The next step in adding an implementation type is to add in the necessary validations.

Necessary validations may include considering if there any required fields for the implementation or required dependencies. The system may have to validate if all dependencies have been met to carry out the implementation. There may also be the validation of checking for the correct data input format. For example to authenticate a user one of the fields may be an email address field in which you would want to check for the appropriate email format. Another example would be validating a proper phone number format.

Any ‘checks’ that will need to be performed by the system for the following implementation type should be included here.


When adding a validation, you will have to enter data for the following fields:

Validation Type


Error Message

The validation type is what the system is checking for and the effort is the estimate on how long you think it will take to validate. The error message will be the message that will display if the user is missing something whether it be a required field or an error message for an improper email format.

Please note that adding validations is not necessary for creating an implementation type but is rather an optional field.

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