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Share your estimate

After building your estimate, the scope document may be shared to other users outside of the application by clicking on the share button next to the desired estimate. A window will pop open with a place to enter the email addresses of the users whom you want to share the estimate with. When sharing the document, you do not have a limit to the number of users you can share with and you may select to share the estimate for review purposes or for approval purposes.

Share estimate

Once you click the share button, an email with a link to access the estimate will be sent to everyone whom you entered an email address for. From there the user can either view the document, download the document as a word document or pdf and they can also add a comment. If they add a comment, the user must also enter their name to associate the comment with. This will be sent back to the project owner as a notification.

What is great about the sharing capability is that you can engage the project stakeholders by inviting comments or approval and there is no limit to the amount of times you can share an estimate so it can be a working document at first that turns into a final document. The document is also very detailed so that once approved, you can literally hand the document over to the developer to work off of right away.

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