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Settings are going to be your Estimate Settings. Your first setting to configure will be determining the number of test cases per field validation. This means anything you are validating you want to think of the average number of test cases involved to fully test that validation.

By setting this number, when creating an estimate the program will automatically calculate the number of test cases for you.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 11.41.58 AM

Another setting is the effort per test case. How long on average does it take to carry out a test case.

This setting will determine the testing effort for a new estimate. After creating an estimate you will have three different effort calculations: Setup effort, Implementation Effort and Testing Effort. The testing effort is taken from the program calculating all test cases and then multiplying that by the effort per test case.

The third setting is for your shared estimate link. When sharing an estimate you created, a link is sent to the user’s email inbox. To determine how long that link stays active, this is where you put the time limit. By default, the link will stay for 30 days.

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