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Project Information

This is the first step in creating a new estimate. The following information is required for creating a new estimate:

General Information

Under general information you will need to provide information relating to:

a. The Project Title where the estimator needs to provide the name of the project for which estimation is to be carried.

b. The Client Name of whom the estimate is for. To select a client name, you have the option of either selecting an existing client or adding a new client record. Adding a new client is simple. You can either just enter the client name and click ‘add client’ or you can also enter basic contact information such as company address and website URL. Once you add a new client, the client is added to the client list which you can access for other project estimates.

Technical Information

Under technical information, you need to provide details relating to:

a. The Technology Platform that will be used for the project. This might typically include Java, .NET, Android or IOS and would be defined from “Implementation Platforms” under the Estimation set up in the Estimates tab. This field is important as the platform you choose will populate the pre-built implementation types specific to the platform.

b. You must also specify the Number of Developers who will work on the project which indicates the team size.

c. The Number of Installations.

d. And the Number of Deployments.

These three factors are important as they adjust the setup and effort estimate for the project, thus making the effort calculation more accurate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.45.15 AM

The version control setup and build script setup checkboxes are optional fields. This information is not necessary but useful in adding to the scope document if you are planning on adding those features.

Once you click “Create Estimate” the program will take you to the next step to add in your users. You may go back later to edit the project information but please know that you may edit the project title and client name but you will not be able to edit the technology platform after creating the estimate.

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