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Implementation Platforms

The implementation platforms are going to be the technology platforms that your company uses for its projects. To create the implementation platforms you will want to click on the Estimates menu and select ‘Implementation Platforms’.

There will be existing implementation platforms supplied by Intelekit for use but if you have other implementation platforms not mentioned you may add additional implementation platforms by clicking on the ‘add platform’ button.

This will open a window with the following input fields:

1) Platform Title- Here the user is required to provide the name of the platform he aims to create, for example ‘Java Web Application’.

2) Platform Technologies- Here the user is required to provide the platform technology which would be used for creating the platform. Quick FPA is enabled with various platform technologies, so the user has the flexibility and option to choose from multiple technologies such as Java, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX.

3) Description – The user has the option to add additional information in this particular input field relating to the platform that he aims to create. He can add comments, specify his need for using the particular technology, and provide a brief description of his requirement.


To specify the effort required for the particular implementation platform, the user will identify this by adding the development effort for each of the following categories:

Developer Ramp Up Effort

Version Control Setup Effort

Build Effort

Installation Effort

Deployment Effort

The sum of this effort will be included under the scope document as “Setup Effort”.

Once your implementation platform has been created, you will want to specify the implementation types for each platform.

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