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Implementation Options

After the user has set up the validations and clicked continue, the page automatically directs him/her to the Implementation Options page. Here the screen has two clickable links ‘Add Options’ and ‘Add MultiSelect Options’. The implementation options are there to allow for additional specifications.


A few examples of implementation options would be to consider the data source or UI implementation. I may want to specify whether the data is coming from a MySQL database or from JSON and I may want to specify whether the UI implementation will be responsive or not responsive.

To create an implementation option, once the user clicks on the ‘add options’ button, the program opens a window where you must type in the title of the option, the option names, effort associated with each option and the number of test cases involved.

Going further with the example of adding an implementation option of UI Implementation, UI Implementation would be the option title. For the option names, these could be responsive and non-responsive. You would then add in the effort you think it would take for both responsive implementation and non-responsive implementation and the number of test cases to test each option.

There is also an additional option to allow multi-select which means that you would allow more than one option for the designated option title.

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