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Build your first estimate

Let us delve deeper into the utility and practical usage of Quick FPA in more detail by showing how to use this software to build your first estimate.

As a user using the software for the first time, the first step would be to create your account by signing up with a valid email id and password. You would receive an activation email to your inbox to activate your account with Quick FPA. After successfully creating your account, upon login you will be taken to your personal dashboard.


From here, you can start estimating by clicking on the button ‘Start Estimating’. Alternatively, tabs on the page provide clickable links to Estimates, Clients, and Users which are there to support and provide additional guidance in your estimation task at any point of time.

Before starting to build your first estimate, the user has to ensure that the estimation setup is complete. This will be done by the super administrator who needs to complete the estimation setup. Setup includes determining the company’s implementation platforms, implementation types, test environments and general estimation settings. With this set up there is pre configured data that may be used but we highly recommend that you review the numbers to ensure they match the capabilities of your development team.

When you start building your estimate by clicking on the ‘Create New’ link underneath the Estimates menu item, a new screen will open to extract project related information in a form.


This includes providing project information consisting of general and technical information pertaining to the project, defining the number of users who would access the project at various stages of development and setting the use cases to receive a screen summary and set compatibility to receive the final scope document.

The estimation tool takes into account important aspects of the project. It not only takes into account the effort for implementation but also the effort for set up and testing. This is a great benefit for ensuring better results in staying within budget.

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