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Benefits of Quick FPA

There are several benefits of using Quick FPA. Some of these are listed below:

1) Development companies can prepare estimates very quickly compared to the traditional approach of writing lengthy proposals.

2) The estimates are highly accurate and truly reflect the development capabilities of the team.

3) The estimates provide a detailed breakdown of both the implementation and testing effort, thus justifying the cost of the project to the stakeholders.

4) Requirements are accurately captured during the estimation phase, thus eliminating the need for an rewrite of deviation from the original scope.

5) The estimation benchmarks can be controlled by the expert panel in any development firm, making the estimates consistent with the goals and standards defined by the organization.

6) Estimates can be produced by semi technical or non technical staff without having to worry about the accuracy of the estimates.

7) Review process is easier and less time taking because the focus of review is simply the requirements and not the associated effort.

8) Estimates are less error prone because the benchmarks are controlled at the organizational level.

9) Delivery becomes less challenging because the software requirements are clearly defined.

10) Estimates have ample documentation to get the developers started on implementation once the estimates are approved.

11) Project managers will have access to the entire task list and effort breakdown in the estimates to be able to to produce and accurate and effective project timeline.

12) Productivity levels can be enforced according to the standards for various implementations defined at the organizational level.

13) Quality process will become more effective since Quick FPA captures the number of test cases for each implementation and calculates the testing effort as a part of the estimate.

14) Success rate of projects will go up significantly.

15) Shorter sales cycle and higher closing rate can be achieved with effective use of Quick FPA.

16) World class support and documentation is available to assist users in getting started and using the tool effectively.

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