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Quick FPA is a tool to streamline the estimation process for software projects. Software estimation is a complex task. Quick FPA solves many different issues in the area of software estimation. Some of these issues are listed below:

1) The time taken to produce a detailed estimate is usually very long. Most software development companies do not have the time and resources to produce such detailed estimates because they usually have to perform this task at their own cost.

2) The estimates are not consistent as different developers estimate the work differently. Expert reviews are required to catch these inconsistencies, which eventually slows down the process affecting the company’s ability to bid on more projects.

3) Due to the lack of time and resources, most companies end up producing higher level estimates that do not capture all the lower level implementation details. This usually causes the project to go over budget and causes frustration on all sides. Many projects fail due to these reasons.

4) Developers often require proper documentation of the requirements to provide correct implementation of the software. Poorly written scopes create a lot of communication issues and cause incorrect implementations of the requirements. The projects end up being buggy and developers are usually held responsible for all these issues.

5) Most project managers managing software projects are not very technical and do not have a proper reference for the effort breakdown to create effective project timelines. Project plans go into an infinite loop of timeline adjustments causing the projects to take longer than expected.

Quick FPA solves these issues by providing a way to create a company wide setup for estimation benchmarks. It reduces the time to create and review the estimates and enables the development companies to bid on more projects in less time. Quick FPA empowers both sales and production teams to sell effectively and deliver on time, within budget.

Quick FPA is an essential tool for any organization that is involved into software development. It is useful for both internal and external projects.

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